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How to Choose Tiles from Largest Range Of Tiles in India

Indians nowadays understand the significance of style and the importance of Home Décor Designing. With wide ranging options available it is not surprising that people nowadays are confused as to what kind of tiles to choose from the largest range of tiles available in India. Property developers now throng people with questions ranging from the kind of tile designs, its size, colour and such other things.

The Tile market in India has developed tremendously and people nowadays have plethora of options. So, how to decide which material, cut and design is best suited for bathroom, kitchen or living room? This can be easily tackled by answering these questions.

  1. Where to place the Tile: Decide the place where the tile is to be fitted and half the battle is almost won. The market nowadays has plethora of tiles like ceramic tiles, digital tiles, polished vitrified tiles and such. Light coloured tiles give bathroom a feeling of freshness and spaciousness. Laying a ceramic or resilient tile at a diagonal angle gives bathroom a spacious look. CJ Buildware have come up with a new range of tiles collection which are not only resistant to blemish and glaze but slippage free too. These anti-slip tiles are perfect for bathroom, kitchen and swimming pools.
  2. How to choose Tiles: With varied options available, the first step regarding choosing of tile designs in India should be its durability. Design and style matters yes, but if it comes with durability and blemish free then it is a bonus not only for the people but for the company as well.
  3. Budget issue: Deciding on the budget will help to narrow down the kind of tile designs to choose from. Depending on colour and designs, prices of tiles can vary. If price is not an issue then staccato design breathes life into mono chromatic tile. Otherwise go for ceramic white and black tile colours to make small spaces appear large, stylish and chic. However, do not compromise on quality. See tiles as a profit reaping investment and not as cost.
  4. How often the Tile is to be used: There is no such standard guaranteeing a tile’s durability. However, careful selection must be done while deciding the tiles. For example, glass tiles cannot be used for kitchen spaces where maximum rough and tear works are done. Ceramic tiles are less expensive than glass and are easy to clean when glazed. vitrified tiles are water and stain resistant and require low maintenance. Also a lot of porcelain tile is classified as a 4 or 5 making it a great choice for family kitchen.
  5. Picking the colour: Choosing the right colour is the key to having a spacious, elegant and vibrant look. If playing safe is the key then go for light colours like ultra-white, lacy lilac and moonshine. If not then be bold and play with colours. Break the monotony and be adventurous. Personal preference though should be given first priority.
  6. Small is gold: If the floor or wall requires lots of tile cuts then probably having a big tile is not a good option. Go for smaller tiles; that way it is both cost and time effective.
  7. Fear not for assistance: At the end of the day, buying tiles involves one’s hard-earned money. So, never be afraid to ask for the sales assistant’s advice or the company’s support desk. Having an expert onboard is far better than regretting later.

CJ Buildware’ range of tiles offers all these solutions. we offers varied options to choose from like its range of floor tiles, wall tiles, kitchen tiles, vitrified tiles, digital tiles and sanitary ware. It has both budget friendly and high-end products to satisfy the need of every section of people. Its dedicated customer service strives to answer people’s queries and assist them in the best possible way.

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